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Curriculum and activities

Some links to interesting and useful websites.

These links will open in a new window and although we have taken
all reasonable precautions to ensure the websites are suitable for
children, we take no responsibility for the content of these websites.

ABC for kids
Fantastic site, lots of activities, fun and stuff for parents and kids.

ABC Science
Heaps of fascinating stuff, plus special sections for teachers and kids.

Cybersmart Kids Online
A site with lots of info for parents and kids about using the internet sensibly.

Family Fun and Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Guides New South Wales
Great site all about guiding, lots of info.

Journey Inside
Very informative site about computers and technology for kids, parents and teachers.

Literacy websites

Numeracy websites

Melbourne Aquarium 
A wonderful site... lots of fascinating info and very impressive appearance.

Watch and listen to the astronauts on NASA'S website - manned space shuttle, live video and audio broadcasts 24 hours, fascinating stuff!

National Museum of Australia
Interesting, probably good for grownups and older kids.

NSW Government, Department of Environment & Climate Change
Lots of info, teacher's kits and stuff about the environment

Public Schools New South Wales
If you need info about other schools or education in NSW this is it.

Fantastic! a great fun site where kids and grownups can learn too.

Schoolatoz - Practical Help for Parents

Tale - Teaching and Learning Exchange 

Victoria's three great zoos
Learn lots of stuff about animals and zoos in here, three sites in one.

Victoria's National Parks
Heaps of info about our environment.

Yahoo! for Kids
The web site for kids... heaps of stuff, games, news, links, sports,
science and more.

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